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The Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) just published the 2019 version of its TPx Vendor Panorama report, that includes the result of a survey that evaluates solutions from 17 different vendors against a comprehensive set of both company and product criteria. Kantar is featured in the report with a very positive evaluation both on Company and Product assessment.

In particular, Kantar is named “Best in Class” provider for “Desktop UX”, “HQ Analytics/Insights”, “Analytics Visualization”, “AI”, and “TPO Ergonomics”.

The breadth of the offering around promoting and executing is stellar: strategic level insights to inform the right market and trade spending levels through the Marketing Mix Modeling tool; Promotion Funds Optimizer to best allocate promotion funds across retail partners and brands; TPO to generate optimal calendars; planning and execution capabilities to deliver the right mix of activities and investments in a collaborative and effective manner. Furthermore, when combined with Kantars’ proprietary shopper and retail insights and end-to-end category management and retail execution solutions, it has the potential to enable full transformation programs in the commercial area to drive both revenue and margin growth.”

Pam Brown –  Chief Commercial Officer at the Promotion Optimization Institute

Download the full report here