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Overview of the Presentation

Mumsnet, the UK’s biggest website for parents has joined together with Kantar, one of the most well respected global consultancies, to reveal the increasing importance of ‘health and wellness’ to millennial parents and its impact on their attitude and behaviours to brands, retailers, products and services.

What is wellness? What does it mean to millennial parents? How does it influence their purchasing behaviour – both for them and their children? Our study of over 1,000 people over two months answers these questions and includes deep dives into some of the key wellness sectors: food & drink, health and beauty, and banking and personal finances.

One of the most interesting discoveries was that millennial parents do not trust their instincts as much as Generation X. They are more engaged in sourcing information externally – not just from friends and family but from social media too.

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The pervasiveness of technology is a subject that came up throughout the study. Millennials told us they use it in the pursuit of wellness for information, convenience and for fun. They also welcomed it as guidance, to feel included and safe, and to track their progress.

Because they’ve grown up with technology millennials have higher expectations of services and access to information. And, because we know that millennials are shaping consumer behaviour and influencing the next generations, savvy retailers should think about how to meet these needs.

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