Driving Customer-Centric Growth

Insights 2020 is the largest global marketing and Insights leadership initiative focused on aligning Insights and Analytics strategy, structure and capability to drive business growth. For more information please see the findings presentations, videos, press coverage and white papers.

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Sept 2016 HBR: Building an Insights Engine

The September 2016 edition of Harvard Business Review features our “Building an Insights Engine” article that leverages the Insights2020 findings and describes how Unilever increased its customer-centricity. The article highlights operational and people characteristics that contribute to building a winning insights engine.

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Insights Engine Benchmarking Tool

You can now use our Insights2020 Benchmarking Tool to do a top-level assessment of your own organizations’ insights engine. If you are interested in a more in-depth insights engine benchmarking and strategy development discussion please click on ‘Benchmarking your organization’.

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Insights 2020 Presentations

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