The Millennial Perspective – How to connect with a health conscious cohort

Featured in Health Club Handbook 2017

By Imke Schuller

A cohort of young adults with a distinctive view of their world – the Millennial mindset. This spans all aspects of life, including their take on health and wellbeing. In this article we are going to explore what makes Millennials unique and how brands can successfully communicate and engage with them around health and wellbeing topics.

Understanding what they hold dear/what really matters to them and how their values system differs from previous generations will provide valuable insight into how to tap this influential and increasingly wealthy cohort.

From badge brands to mirror brands, from physical performance to mental and holistic health, from self-perception to expression of identities through body and mind – this article will explore some of the key connection points for health businesses with Millennials – and those who have a Millennial mindset.


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