Enhancing Retail Collaboration with a Shopper-Led Approach to Water Category Sales

The Challenge

Impact water category sales with an inventive shopper-led approach to water category development. ​Secure sign-off from Boots for the new “artisanal” way to sell water in-store.

Our Approach

We know we needed to impress the buyers at Boots and find a way to easily demonstrate the value that a new water category concept could bring to the store.

Using a virtual Boots environment, our team constructed a fly-through of the intended shopper journey.  The fly-through included data points to help illustrate what a higher growing water category would be.

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The Insight

We used data and insights plus virtual reality capability to communicate a new definition of water category growth.  This project highlighted data and insights that supported new or not yet tried methods of building a water-selling story throughout the store. ​We relied on data that could show how to build baskets around new shopper decision making. 

The Impact

The inspiration and innovation generated by the Britvic team laid the foundation for a joint shopper activation initiative in 2020“Using Virtual Reality enabled me to build a positive relationship with a new buyer, this set Britvic as leaders in Merchandising with my customer.”

Category Manager, Britvic PLC

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