Best in Class Retail Collaboration and Joint Business Planning

The Challenge

Our client was requested to deliver an optimized range review, while adhering to strict range reduction guidelines from a top global retailer.  The retailer uses their own category assortment tools, which puts additional pressure on our client to demonstrate impartiality when making recommendations.

Our Approach

The category team leveraged Perfect Category to calculate the incrementality of each SKU resulting in the ability to assign the correct amount of space to each sector/ brand.

Perfect Category enabled the category team to demonstrate an overall improvement to flow and merchandising principles by visualizing the new range set in the retailer’s virtual environment.  This helped facilitate a productive and engaging planning conversation.

Learn how Perfect Category integrates key category growth tools into one seamless process here.

The Insight

You can optimize any range by reducing space in down-trending segments.  By removing the lowest performing SKUs, you create room to emphasize the highest performing SKUs.

Giving more space to on-trend segments, allows for valuable trade-up opportunities.  Advanced data analytics allow the flexibility required to ensure private label and high value SKUs remain on the fixture.

The Impact

Our client’s range recommendations were accepted and introduced in-store within the short turnaround time allotted, resulting in the following category growth predictions:

1 bay vs current: +6.07% = £1.8M

2 bay vs current: +2.53% = £1.1M

3 bay vs current: +3.22% = £1.6M

4 bay vs current: +1.65% = £0.8M

5 bay vs current: + 0.9% = £0.5M


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