Delivering Business Growth by Making Meaningful Impact

The Challenge

Dulux lacked a clear positioning globally and local markets did not feel supported or connected to the global marketing function

Our Approach

We undertook a study to identify and implement a new brand purpose and strategy for Dulux.

The Insight

We Developed and embedded new purpose throughout the organization and uncovered a human truth where color has a positive impact on our mood and lifts our spirit. From this we created the idea of selling ‘tins of optimism’, with the purpose: We exist to add color to people’s lives.

The Impact

We Increased market share from 20.9% to 25.6%. 60,000 people ‘liked’ the Dulux Facebook page and on Flickr. 5,000 Let’s Colour pictures from around the world received more than 150,000 views ‘Adding color to the offices’ program has infused new purpose in the office, fuelling internal passion and alignment.

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