Uniting Business Lines and Unlocking New Sources of Growth

The Challenge

Enterprise sought to unite their business lines and unlock new sources of growth through a new-to-market total transportation vision.

Our Approach

We held storytelling circles with employees and consumers to develop foundational insights and territories for positioning, which we then tested and validated with quantitative research.

The Insight

Together with the core team, leadership, and long-time creative partners, we co-created an overarching purpose and supporting brand strategy to bring the vision to life.

The Impact

New purpose allowed Enterprise to evolve into a partner and companion to consumers.

Process drove broad alignment across the organization from CMO to front-line employees, uniting business lines under a single value proposition.

“This work makes me feel determined. We have a great product but that could be taken away if we don’t stay modern and relevant. I’ve been feeling worn out but am now feeling very appreciative of having new ways to say what we’re trying to say.” – Pat Farrell, CMO.

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