Drive Category Growth for Number 1 Retailer in the Market

The Challenge

Elevate the Trade Window conversation with the biggest retail customer in the region.  Address specific buyer growth needs across key segments in 4 of the retailer’s banners.

Our Approach

Used RichMix assortment and space optimization to project segment growth opportunities. Custom attributes enabled, including retailer profit date, for an advanced optimization analysis across multiple KPIs.

Live shelf models of category recommendations made in virtual environments to provide detailed action plans to the retailer.

Learn how you can simplifying your approach to category growth plans here.

The Insight

Leverage assortment optimization engine to streamline the process of delivering deep category analytics across segments and retail channels.  With assortment optimization technology the category team can deliver a wider range of KPIs in less time.  This leads to optimal positioning for future conversations, as category innovators.

The Impact

The client dazzled the buyer; she was engaged by the new approach, inspired by the breadth and depth of insights and appreciated the detailed action plan.

4.1% Category growth across 4 banners, between 5-14% for the brand depending on store format.

160% ROI on entire investment from just one project with one retailer.

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