Appliance Manufacturer

Segmentation “On the Fly”

The Challenge

This European manufacturer needed to understand the unique attributes of their U.S. consumer and define new growth segments

Our Approach

We applied our Kantar Consulting attitudinal assets to the client customer data, and identified unique consumer groups who differentiated in value and product purchase behavior, uncovering attitudes that helped explain the differentiation. Target segments were identified, and, using MotiveMix, we delivered a segmentation solution and projected it onto the U.S. marketplace in just a matter of weeks.

The Insight

This connected capability of integrating consumer motivational dimensions and behavioral data provided a dynamic platform for rapidly delivering a new market segmentation for the client to understand their current and aspirational customer groups

The Impact

This segmentation has been adopted in the U.S. and is being applied to understand product penetration and regional performance, as well as drive retail strategies.

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