Quantify NPD Performance In-Store Before Launch

The Challenge

Our client wanted to reinvigorate a declining brand with 5 new SKUs.  However, they needed to prove the success of the new SKUs to their retailer before the launch in-store.

Our Approach

Used assortment and space optimization analytics to identify 5 least incremental existing SKUs in the current assortment.  Applied NPD predictive modelling to analyze the category impact of replacing 5 least incremental SKUs with 5 new SKUs for the brand.

You can learn more about quantifying NPD for your category here.

The Insight

The client can provide both a look into the future of category growth and avoid costly mistakes before it’s too late.  By incorporating predictive data analytics into NPD planning they’re able to identify success and risks and adjust as necessary.

The Impact

“This work is fantastic, you saved us from making a $20 million mistake”

— Brand Marketing Manager

We helped our client predict the impact of their new SKUs at the category level.  A predicted decline between 1% and 7% was identified.  As a result, their marketing team was able to reposition the product brand and marketing resources with a more informed approach to supporting the launch.

Adjusted the launch of NPD from 5 to 3 highest performing SKUs in order to ensure the highest probability of success.

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