Establish Category Leadership Through an Innovative Range Review Process

The Challenge

Client wants to defend brand position and deliver overall category growth for the toothpaste category at a specialty retailer.

They also want to use the range review opportunity to showcase category expertise and leadership to enhance supplier and retailer partnership.

Our Approach

We helped the client construct a rationalized assortment of the toothpaste category.

Our proprietary assortment and space optimzation engine, assigns a value of performance to each SKU so that the client can recommend high value assortments that meet both brand and retailer’s needs.  Learn more about how we deliver growth here.

The Insight

Data agnostic tools and analysis offer a streamlined approach to delivering impartial growth for retailers in any channel.  Leverage technology to make the most out of the rare opportunity to provide solicited category feedback.

The Impact

Client recommendation identifies category growth of 1.4% for the toothpaste segment.  Assortment identifies growth for entire category not just the brand.

Brand retains their share of space and identified as the “anchor” brand for the category by the retailer.

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