Luxury Car Manufacturer

Creating a new market channel for status-seeking drivers

The Challenge

The Brand Experience Team of this luxury car company needed to quickly identify the best location among two cities for a pop-up retail experience that would draw the right target and excite them with a novel way to experience the luxury car marketplace.

Our Approach

Kantar applied its MotiveMix capability to help reduce the “blind spots” in these two markets, and identify specific shopping centers for further investigation based on attitudinal and economic alignment.

The Insight

An assessment of the luxury car buyer by MotiveMix uncovered specific motivations, like Cultural Exploration, Novelty, Influence and Tech Disposition that were then cross-referenced to the cities under consideration, and then applied to specific malls under consideration for the pop-up sites. This helped to pinpoint the geo-locations where consumers with this attitudinal profile might be more likely to be found and targeted for the pop-up event.

The Impact

These insights were used to more confidently identify and select the malls for the unique pop-up events, ensuring a more effective use of marketing dollars and a more impactful and novel way to create excitement for this luxury car brand.

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