Luxury Travel Company

Finding the Next Generation of Cruisers

The Challenge

As the expectations of consumers for travel shift with new generations, this luxury cruise company needed to understand how to evolve their offering and we find the right targets to fill the ships.

Our Approach

We integrated our MindBase segments within the client’s database of past and new cruisers to uncover key groups that are most likely to engage in the category. Further exploration with MotiveMix also uncovered additional potential segments for a new product offer. Insightful profiles of the most attractive prospects were created, providing deeper texture and insight into the cruise line’s most valuable prospects—and their evolving expectations of luxury.

The Insight

The client used these insights to design more compelling campaigns building on the key values and drivers of their target segments, and used MindBase direct mail lists to target potential cruisers.

The Impact

Kantar Consulting’s MindBase lists consistently out-perform other list sources, converting more passengers at a lower cost of sale and yielding a 402% ROI.

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