Meat Aisle

Optimize the Meat Aisle for Strategic Regional Grocery

The Challenge

Our client seeks a higher level of engagement and influence with the canned meat buying team.  They  also want to ensure a smooth approval process.  This will allow them to secure final sign-off of their newly proposed assortment.

Our Approach

We created an optimal value set of the shelf using RichMix dynamic data analytics.  To improve engagement,  our client present the optimized assortment in Kantar’s virtual store, along side brand’s best in class shelving principles.

The project includes an out of stock “ticker” to demonstrate how optimized assortments improve sales each day.  Leveraged Storyboard capability for the sales presentation to make collaboration and follow-up easy and engaging.

Learn how you can simplifying your approach to category growth plans here.

The Insight

Combine powerful data sets and visualization in-store to elevate the proposal.  The combination has an experiential impact on the buying team. As a result they experience having a newly assorted merchandising set and the impact of out-of-stocks in the canned meat aisle.

The Impact


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