National Fitness Club

Targeting for High-Potential Growth

The Challenge

In an industry where churn is over 50% annually, this national fitness center needed to effectively and efficiently drive high-potential consumers to their clubs, while developing deeper engagement and greater retention among their fitness club members

Our Approach

We applied Kantar Consulting’s proprietary attitudinal data assets to the client’s multi-million member base and aligned fitness member engagement with health/well-being attitudes to uncover core segments with greater value. A segmentation workshop helped identify low-hanging fruit and longer strategies for attracting and retaining the highest value club members.

The Insight

Understanding motivations and barriers to fitness and exercise, as well as the independence or reliance on fitness coaches, helped this fitness club target a clientele that would prefer the offerings and approach to fitness espoused by this client.

The Impact

The client is engaging targeted email and digital display acquisition efforts to raise brand awareness and increase conversion. Member engagement is being strengthened with focused product offers, messaging and relationship management activities.

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