Repositioning the brand for Millennials

The Challenge

Olay is a well-loved brand, trusted by its core demographic of 50+ women. But it struggles to be relevant to a younger audience of millennials, whose primary motivations are not ‘anti-ageing’.Olay needed to capture the attention and loyalty of this new cohort and understand the issues they have within the skincare category, as well as how to shift its positioning of ‘anti-ageing’ into ‘ageing well’ to reflect this new mindset.To successfully reposition the Olay brand we needed to get under the skin of how skincare and beauty are being shared on social.

Our Approach

Using Social Imaging, powered by EVA, we were able to scour social media to understand exactly how millennials talk about skincare, collecting real time UGC.Over the course a week, we collected 22,000 images within the beauty category, which we then semiotically analysed and clustered. We identified key territories of meaning and themes, as well as cutting the data to analyze Influencer content, discovering what is engaging in the leading edge community.We created clear, visual recommendations on how to cue millennial-engaging beauty values and a clear ‘where next’ for the Olay brand revival.

The Insight

The Impact

The Olay team found our results insightful, uncovering specific details they’d never seen before, from tone of voice, to key language and photographic style directly pulled from consumer visuals. The team is actively using these concepts for future innovation, portfolio development and consumer understanding.The influence and output of the Social Imaging has led to keen interest from other P&G categories.

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