Sports Drinks

New Pack Design Approved by Shoppers in 6 Weeks

The Challenge

Introduce a line of sports drinks that deliver on new benefits in the upcoming year.  The client had a fast approaching deadline and needed to lock-in a final design within 6 weeks.  An efficient and cost effective pack evaluation method was needed in order to determine which of 5 designs drove the most interest with shoppers.

Our Approach

The Pack eValuate method provides a holistic evaluation of new pack designs.  The tool combines behavioural shopping metrics, implicit pack measurement, click-spot, and pack reviews into one efficient and cost effective process.  As a result the client gains a comprehensive understanding of what shoppers are buying and how they feel about the product and packaging within the 6-week time frame.

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The Insight

We are able to provide a detailed understanding of which new item packaging design drove the most trial among grocery and convenience shoppers.  In addition, the client gained an understanding of how that new item impacted the total Category.  We helped identify a single packaging design that not only drove the highest trial rates, but also effectively communicated desired benefits better than the alternative options.

The Impact

Our client was able to identify and lock-in the winning design prior to their decision date deadline. This allowed them to effectively plan and discuss 2020 category changes with their key retail partners.

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