Salty Snacks

Identify Regional Growth Opportunities by Market for Top Tier Snack Brand

The Challenge

Client wants to identify growth opportunities through assortment improvements.  They also want to limit overall category churn across four key markets in one region.

Our Approach

We analyzed two years of weekly UPC sales through proprietary assortment and space optimization tools to obtain category level recommendations for growth.

Similar methodology was used to determine optimized assortment for distribution mix and churn.  To learn more about the methodology click here.

The Insight

Predictive data analytics allow us to quickly pinpoint growth.  As a result we were able to provide data on the profitability of SKU performance.  With accurate information on overall SKU performance we could easily improve assortments by swapping weakest 10% performing SKUs out for higher performers.

The Impact

Delivered growth for the client across all markets in the region.  Growth opportunities identified by market:

1 Market: +1.5% Category Growth Opportunity
2 Market: +2.7% Category Growth Opportunity
3 Market: +4.3% Category Growth opportunity
4 Market: +2.9% Category Growth Opportunity

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