Global Brand Purpose and Strategy Execution

The Challenge

Whiskas lacked a meaningful purpose; moreover global and local teams were disconnected leading to inconsistent brand communications

Our Approach

Uncovered whitespace territory focused on the notion that cat owners recognize and celebrate their cat’s true nature, distilled in the purpose:’Nurture Nature’

Used purposeful positioning methodology Global-Localizer™ in 3 key Whiskas markets to test purpose and give it more meaning on global and local level.

The Insight

Leveraged new purpose as the North star to reorient all parts of the organization from product formulation to CSR campaigns.

The Impact

Increased brand awareness through 10,000 social media uploads/donations during the “Pledge a Paw” campaign.

“There is a big cat in every little cat” advertising campaign built off of new purpose won two Silver Cannes Lions and unlocked business growth.

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