How Businesses in Asia can Profit from Change by Thinking Strategically and Acting Pragmatically

Few would disagree that what defines Asia’s business culture is operational risk-avoidance. But when appetite for risk is low in the short term, it sets up potentially catastrophic risk in the long term. This risk is magnifying with the rapid rate of change Asia is experiencing.

We have seen businesses self-destruct by failing to respond to change. We have also worked to prevent this by helping businesses become Future Present.

Future Present businesses take tangible action to leverage change: they understand what’s changing and why, they anticipate the future with greater certainty and they shape change for their business and beyond.

Seeing Asia’s business leaders begin to embrace a Future Present mindset, at Kantar Futures Asia we decided to embark on a journey to understand their unique challenges and opportunities. In building our perspective, we spoke with academics, industry and government leaders, as well as our clients across Asia. What we discovered in these conversations and through our own experience we have here translated into best practices for developing a Future Present business. Future Present approaches take a specific Asian point of view of the principles of futures thinking—thinking long-term and acting immediately.

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