Future of Retail in the GCC

Location: Dubai | Start Date: Jan 27, 2019 | End Date: Jan 27, 2019

Join us at our annual workshop on the Future of Retail in the GCC to identify and leverage the pockets of real growth in the region. Our experts will not only provide the latest data and thought leadership to help you formulate new thinking; but also help translate these insights into actionable strategies that can drive success in the region.



2019+ European Retail Outlook Webinar: Winning in New Uncertainties

Location: Webinar | Date: 30 January, 2019 – 2PM GMT
This insight-packed session examines four killer questions that need answering if you are to win at retail in 2019. Pulling from our European Outlook report, our team of experts will guide you through key predictions for the year ahead, with clear and actionable implications for your business.


2019+ U.S. Retail Outlook Webinar: Doing More with Less

Location: Webinar | Date: 30 January, 2019 – 1PM ET
This information packed session will provide the signpost insights you need to win at retail in 2019. Pulling key insights from our U.S. Outlook report, Tim Campbell will guide attendees through key market, channel, and retailer expectations.


Sales Performance webinar series: Shifting Gears in Category Management

Location: Webinar | Date: Jan 31, 2019 – 10:00 AM CT

Leading CPGs and Retailers are embedding levers of acceleration at every step of their category growth plans.

Dan Raynak, Chief Client Officer, and author of our recent U.S. PowerRanking—will share with you who is excelling in the market, and where you can uncover opportunities to shift gears in the upcoming year.

We’ll round out the session with a demonstration of how you can apply levers of acceleration in your own category growth plan, as you look to collaborate with key trading partners in 2019.


Retail IQ Live!

Location: London, UK | Date: 20 March, 2019
Introducing Retail IQ Live! – Our signature Retail & Shopper Insights Conference & Solutions Expo in Europe. Place your bets for growth in next generation commerce as we discuss predictions and implications for 2019. Explore new routes to consumer, deep dive into shopper motivations and modes, and learn what it takes to switch on growth in eCommerce & Digital.


FutureView Webinar: Thinking of Others

Location: Webinar | Date: 20 March, 2019 at 12:00 pm EDT

Thinking of Others: What the New Reference Points of Choice, Trust and Satisfaction Mean for the Marketplace of Tomorrow

What other people think and how things affect others, for better or for worse, matter more than ever. This is a significant pivot in the frame of reference that guides how people make decisions.  The importance of others diminished significantly, if not almost altogether, after individualism took hold in the late 1960s.  This is now reversing course, and even as it seems that self-seeking values are in ascendance, a turnaround is at work.  Going forward, values rooted in enclaves, covenants, kinship, ecosystems, class, consideration and even altruism will reshape the marketplace in convergent and divergent ways, both in terms of what brands must offer and how businesses should operate.

In this presentation, Kantar Consulting Chief Knowledge Officer J. Walker Smith will dig into this emerging and fundamental shift in values and what it means for success and growth.


Managing Transformation in European Key Accounts Workshop

Location: Virtual Event | Date: 2 April , 2019
Reinvigorate your strategy for key accounts undergoing transformation, especially Carrefour, Tesco and Auchan. Learn where you must invest to remain competitive, understand how shopper shifts, channel blurring and digital demands are transforming key accounts, and take away recommendations for effective account planning and negotiations.


eCommerce & Digital Strategy Conference

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Date: 15-16 May , 2019
Featuring guest experts and case studies, this two-day event will explore the capabilities and business model changes you need to adopt to win in a digital retail world. On Day One, identify ways to integrate eCommerce into your organization’s go-to-market plans and align sales and marketing around demand-led growth strategies. On Day Two, learn how to build your business with retail behemoths AMAZON and ALIBABA.


European Drug/Pharmacy Channel Workshop

Location: London, UK | Date: 18 June, 2019
Learn how the latest trends, from health & wellness to the growth of eCommerce, are impacting this important sector of European retail. Understand changing consumer demands, examine what best practice looks like across brick-and-mortar and online, and identify growth opportunities for BPC and healthcare brands alike.


Micro Retail Workshop

Location: Virtual Event | Date: 3 July, 2019
NEW! This workshop will explore the retail models, strategies and financial factors at play in the fast-growing Micro Retail landscape. Understand the different formats at play, identify how to use speed, agility and mission-focused solutions to win with today’s shopper, and take steps to contend with shifting shelf space and new supply chain requirements.


European Discounters Workshop

Location: Frankfurt, Germany | Date: 1 October, 2019
Discounters continue to disrupt retail across Europe and worldwide. Gain insight into best practice supplier strategies with Aldi and Lidl, hear negotiation do’s and don’ts from former buyers, and learn what you need to do to innovate and execute a clear multi-year brand plan in the discounter environment.


Russian Key Accounts Workshop

Location: Moscow, Russia | Date: 10 October, 2019
Kantar Consulting’s 16th annual event will predict which retailers, channels and business models are expected to win in 2020-21 and, using best practice examples from around the world, provide recommendations for growing your business in the Russian market.


Fashion & Beauty Retail Workshops

Location: London, UK | Date: 14 November, 2019
NEW! Two back-to-back, half-day workshops will explore the retail models and strategies driving the evolution of Fashion & Beauty retail in Europe. Learn where to play and how to win, gain insight into changing shopper motivations, digital trends and technology enablers, and discover new ways to create truly omnichannel fashion and beauty experiences.


Turkish Key Accounts Workshop

Location: Istanbul, Turkey | Date: 5 December, 2019
Learn how to grow your business and win with key customers in the Turkish market. Understand how formats are shifting across discount, convenience, supermarkets and online, explore how to optimize pricing and promotional strategies for consolidating customers, and discuss how to best manage opportunity in a time of uncertainty.