New visual touchpoints: Will they become emblematic of queer films?

When Call Me By Your Name was released last year, we were enthralled not just with its story, but with its visual style, and in particular, the film’s poster. Bright blues that immediately evoked the Italian sunshine, a scribbled graffiti title that seemed straight out of an 80s album cover, and an image of the lead characters that seemed to replicate the dreamy, Hellenic statues that feature in the film.


So it was a surprise to us when we saw the new poster for The Miseducation of Cameron Post evoke such a strikingly similar visual style – a familiar yellow scribble, royal blue background, and again the lead characters staring dreamily into space.

Although the films differ (swap Italy for the Midwestern US, Timothy Chalamet for Chloe Moretz, and an Italian villa for a gay conversion camp) they both deal with queer themes of love and coming out. With both films released less than a year apart we’re curious to see if these remarkably similar posters point to a new queer visual language. Will these visual touchpoints become emblematic of queer films (and wider culture) in the same way that action films show a hero looming above their city, and romantic films use floating heads?

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