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The Institute for Real Growth launched in 2019, with a massive body of research around what makes businesses achieve real growth – that is, sustained top line revenue growth. In this Kantar Talks 2019 session, Nina Rahmatallah and Mark Visser presented the findings and discussed the seven building blocks for growth, focusing on two of the biggest drivers – ‘Abundant Markets’ and ‘Anticipative Organisations’.

Overview of the session

Key Learnings:

  • There are seven building blocks for growth.
  • Overperformers think about their market share differently – they make it abundant, until they only have something like 3% market share. They define the category they’re in so they can be a small, hungry, 3% player, capable of great growth.
  • 85% of overperformers said they assessed and understood market developments… compared to just 33% of underperformers.
  • Overperformers are also more likely (72% vs 38% of underperformers) to stick with the big bets they make.
  • Overperformers organise to win wars through micro-battles. 47% say they effectively remove internal barriers, compared to 25% of underperformers. 66% (vs 38%) integrate sales and marketing.

Key Provocations:

  • How would you benchmark your own company on the building blocks for growth, and where are your opportunities for real growth?
  • Can you define your market so you have no more than 3% share? Look beyond standard definitions. How would it be measured if you included Amazon and Kickstarter?
  • Do you embrace ‘intropreneurship’ in your business?
  • Do you monitor long-term trends and embed them in your monthly performance review? And are you organized to respond to them with agility?
  • Have you clarified the capabilities and ways of working required for your core business and for your disruptive initiatives? And do employees have a choice what model fits them best?

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