See our latest thoughts and actionable insights from CES 2019

The energy was palpable yesterday, as the expected 180 000 attendees were flying in from all over the world and the more than 6 000 exhibitors were getting the floors ready. Here are some initial thoughts from the pre-conference day:

– Voice is everywhere and Google is looking to own a bigger share of it. The company has massively taken over the outside of the Las Vegas convention center with a variety of “Hey Google” displays. (see pictures below)



– The big change with voice is that it is not showcased via standalone devices, but rather is organically integrated into everyday hardware (think cars, microwaves, etc.) Key to success will be to provide organic interactions that do not require any other device than one’s own -vocals.

– For corporations, automation and connectivity have the power to transform businesses, significantly increase productivity and deepen consumer understanding in unforeseen ways. For senior leadership though, the rapid changes should mean an equally rapid transformation in understanding the new vulnerabilities, areas for risk management and how connectivity is also an entry point for ransomware and other malicious threats. AIG presented a fascinating panel on organizing and planning for this new connected world from a risk management perspective.

– As we integrate voice and AI further into our lives, we share, in return, personal data, our behaviors and shopping patterns, and even our own DNA and health. Who owns the data? How is it used and can blockchain be a key for individuals to become more engaged stakeholders in how they monetize their own time as it relates, especially, to content and advertising? All intriguing and important questions from yesterday’s panelists on “Blockchain and Advertising: The Possibilities and Realities”

Actionable Insights from the Pre-Conference Day:

– As a brand or manufacturer, understanding which hardware is part of your ecosystem and tying voice interactions to it will be critical to winning in a landscape driven without physical devices. As a starting point, consider which rooms in a house your products are mainly used in, and define how this room is becoming increasingly connected through voice and AI.

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