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Win the OmniCommerce Shopper

Despite the reduced focus by many brands and retailers in recent years, The shopper has become more powerful than ever. The convenience and transparency offered by eCommerce gave the shopper what they have always wanted and too often have been denied: “Just get me what I want, when I want it, and make it fast and at a fair price.” The retail industry and its brand partners have not been ignoring this retail revolution, but the shopper has not been their focus. Retailers and brands have been relearning retail operations through technology innovation. The industry has been focusing on new technology platforms, supply chain processes, fulfillment models and more powerful data and activation platforms. All of this has consumed brand and retailer resources for the past 5 years.

As omni-commerce matures and as shopper behaviors and expectations solidify, brands and retailers are beginning to turn again to focus on the shopper. The shopper returns as a key leverage point for brands and retailers to grow their business. This return from the wilderness we are calling Shopper 2.0. Download the report to better position your brand to win shoppers in an omniCommerce world.

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