Why the Launch of Amazon Prime Down in Australia Matters

19 June, 2018
Alvaro Morilla

Despite initial hype around Amazon’s retail launch in Australia, it hasn’t had the impact expected. Until now that is. Not willing to lose momentum, Amazon is bringing out the game changer – Amazon Prime. The membership, initially costing AUD4.99 a month, offers the usual free delivery, and includes Prime Video, Twitch gaming and Amazon music. A host of benefits that will potentially ignite Amazon’s growth Down Under.

Source: Amazon.co.au

Can Amazon drive eCommerce adoption in Australia?

Amazon is a master at showing shoppers what they want even before they know they want it. They’re known for redefining consumer expectations, while providing a trustworthy experience.

Online shopping adoption grows through a snowball effect, with new players bringing more compelling offerings, awareness and willingness to shop online increases, driving more traffic across all retailers. Thus, competition intensifies. With Amazon’s offering already spanning a wide number of categories, an existing high level of awareness, thanks also to heavy investment in customer acquisition, Amazon is poised to capture a large share of consumers switching to online. And Prime is the ultimate tool to achieve that.

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