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Status seekers are a unique group made up of discerning individuals who look for ways to distinguish themselves from others. It’s not only about upward mobility. It’s about having a certain aspirational drive, astutely learning the ways of success and being inventive.

In this example, we show how the automotive industry can find growth by understanding a micro-target of status-seeking drivers. In a challenging landscape, where attitudinal shifts towards disownership, technological advances and a preference for experiences over stuff are all propelling consumers to seek alternatives to car ownership, some foundational American values still exist.

25.6% of licensed U.S. drivers believe that owning an expensive car is a sign of success. (2018 U.S. MONITOR)

How, then, do we find and connect with that micro-target of consumers who want to own a car that showcases their success?

Using MotiveMix® to find Status Seekers

MotiveMix is Kantar’s portfolio of attitudinal dimensions that get to the core of human yearning and motivation.  By profiling those licensed adult drivers in our U.S. MONITOR study who believe that an expensive car reflects positively on their own social status, we uncovered that they are also motivated by novel experiences, are avid seekers of knowledge and want seamless technology solutions that can streamline their lives. This is a lot more than just about looking cool or moving up in the world! Understanding these nuances can enhance and improve your efforts by aligning your offers, your messages and your channel so that your consumers will know that you get them.

Taking it to the next level, we are able to activate on the WHO and the WHY. MotiveMix enables us to pinpoint WHERE these consumers are who seek status—and so much more—from their cars. MotiveMix is scored on a national consumer database of 260MM adults, so we can locate those micro-targets geographically. This enables brands to find and truly connect with these consumers on a human level, both online and offline, and to deliver more relevant and appealing messages, advertising and products.

Today, it’s Status-Seeking Drivers and the auto industry. Whom are you trying to connect with? Let us help you understand and activate with MotiveMix to uncover the core motivations most important to the micro-target consumer groups in your category.

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