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Merchandising Needs and Priorities at Walmart

Omnichannel success at Walmart requires both retailer and suppliers to find the balance between slow-growing profitable stores and fast-growing, unprofitable eCommerce.

Finding a balance is a challenge.  Shoppers demand ease online.  And retailers demand profitability efforts in-store in order to propel digital fluency.  Meanwhile, expectations for suppliers to provide actionable insights remains critical to success.

To drive partnership with Walmart, suppliers will want to align with Walmart’s goals, and focus in on the areas for growth.  To drive partnership suppliers should focus on cost reduction, assortment excellence and a keen understanding of the type of innovation that translates into sales for Walmart and their partners.

On-Demand Webinar –  Driving Growth with Retail Titans: Walmart

Location: WEBINAR | Date: 31 May, 2019

On May 31, we’ll share what’s important to understand and implement in order to drive growth at Walmart.

This presentation features Walmart expert Laura Kennedy, VP Kantar, and Technology Advisory expert, Toby Heavenrich, Consultant at Kantar.

They’ll not only explore what you need to know to succeed at Walmart today, but also show you how it can be done with a series of hand-selected case studies.

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