How to Uncover Growth with Diwali 2018

Diwali is an important Indian festival and is the biggest retail event of the country. Also known as Deepavali, the five-day ‘Festival of Lights’ is traditionally observed by exchanging gifts and socializing with family and friends. With India having the largest diaspora population in the world, the event is becoming increasingly global.

This year Kantar Consulting analyzed retailers’ response to Diwali in India, Canada, and the UAE. Overall, we observed four key retail themes emerging around the festival: clear communication; aggressive discounts; product curation; and omnichannel. integration.

– Most retailers used attractive signage to communicate special offers and encourage store visits.

– In-store shopping experience was enhanced by curated cross-sectional displays of traditional and non-traditional items.

– Bundle discounts, BOGO, cashback, sweepstakes, and low-price guarantees reinforced a good value proposition.

– In India, retailers optimized their eCommerce platform to provide a convenient shopping experience.

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