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The Asymmetry of Future Opportunities for Value & Growth

The marketplace is being turned on its head.  Across household structure, identity, economic forces, technologies, and values, what used to dominate is now in the minority.  The upshot of this far-reaching flip-flopping of command is more experimentation and disruption than ever.  Unbounded, the marketplace has become unbridled.  Reinvention is hurtling forward at an unprecedented scale that is vastly disproportionate to expectations and capacity.  All of the old, staid paradigms are giving way to fanatical phenomena like mega-flash mobs of play and super fans of brands and supermodels of alien beauty and food porn of ugly cuisine, and more.

In this FutureView webinar, Chief Knowledge Officer J. Walker Smith outlines the shape, scope and structure of the asymmetric opportunities now emerging in a marketplace evermore unbalanced by relentlessly radical change.

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