Members of the Cultural Practice were lucky enough to attend Stylist Live earlier this month, an event hosted by the magazine that showcased the newest products and inspiring expert speakers at Olympia’s exhibition centre. While there was too much fantastic stuff going on to capture it all here, we’ve boiled down our experiences and shortlisted five highlights from the day.

1. Candice Brathwaite on being a mother

‘Most of motherhood online looks like a white woman, with a sleek bob and wearing stripes’ began Candice Brathwaite as she tackled the homogenous vision of motherhood with her characteristic charm and humour.

Candice Brathwaite 

As the founder of the #MakeMotherhoodDiverse movement, Candice Brathwaite has inspired mothers to talk openly and honestly about diverse experiences of motherhood, exploding the singular notion of what it is to be a mother. Her Stylist Live interview was no different: she spoke with piercing insightfulness about how pregnancy and motherhood can affect your sense of self; about the obstacles that black mothers face; and about her experience of post-natal depression.

2. Buy Me Once’s amazingly lasting products

Amidst the growing consciousness around fast fashion, food waste and plastic, more than ever people are seeking out ways to manage their consumption and decrease the amount of stuff they amass.

Tara Button, CEO of Buy Me Once

Buy Me Once is an online store which is helping work towards a solution. It champions long life items to avoid waste as much as possible, stocking products that span across all categories, from pans with a lifetime guarantee, to non-electrical speakers that can never break, to reusable clingfilm made from beeswax. In the year of ‘single use’ and in the battle against waste, it’s fantastic to see a brand responding to this growing concerns.

3. Tanya Goodin’s tips on how to minimise your screen time

As the founder and owner of one of the first ever digital marketing agencies, Tanya Goodin understands exactly how easy it is to feel addicted to your phone. It’s this that led to her founding the Time To Log Off movement, which is amount managing a healthy tech-life balance.

Tanya Goodin

Goodin’s talk was horrifying. We were told that a human’s attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish, and that ‘pull to refresh’ is a feature that does not exist by necessity, but is included because it causes dopamine spikes in users’ brains. But it was also fascinating and inspiring: we learned realistic tips that help towards a partial digital detox.

4. The fact that periods are in

Whether it was personalised period care packages, specialist teas, curated rituals or natural skincare products designed to abate problems associated with periods, periods were all the rage at Stylist Live. We saw Goddess Drops that help you to ‘reconnect with your cycle’ and pretty period pads that are machine washable and reusable, indicating the growing trend in products that are designed to meet women’s needs around intimate health and menstruation.

Freda Period Manifesto

A subject that used to be a taboo, innovation is now beginning to meet real women’s needs, breaking the silence around how a woman’s body works and creating useful solutions to genuine problems.

5. Maya Njie

Drawing on her Scandinavian and Gambian heritage, this perfumery brands has an unusual approach to scent, using synaesthesia to unlock intriguing personal stories. Maya Njie takes inspiration from old family photo albums, artistically distilling each black and white photograph into a colour palette. In small batches, she then converts these colours into androgynous, evocative scents.

Maya Njie

We love the way this brand is thinking carefully about the way memories can so often be locked to smell, and uses this unusual, artistic method to bring those memories to life.

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