It’s been a chaotic, disruptive, and uncomfortable retail market.

Over the past several years consumers have significantly evolved their consumption; however, the evolution of how we shop has been even more dramatic. While some organisations have shifted their mindset from cost-cutting to investment for the future, many others have not.

We have defined a Growth Minded Business as “a company who has an investment mindset because it has confidence in their strategy, brands, and people to achieve REAL growth. It can be confident because it has identified the right insights, allocated resources appropriately, and achieved strategic intimacy across its organisation and with its trading partners.” In the end, it is about delivering growth and profitability.

Many people in the business are focused on delivering profitability, but not enough are focused on delivering top line growth. Marketers are expert at delivering brand growth and Sales are expert at driving incremental growth through merchandising, but real growth can only occur if the category is growing. Someone has to own the growth agenda for the industry, and the group best positioned to do that is Category Management.

However, in order to achieve this, a change in mindset is required and we must shift our thinking from Category Management to Category Growth Management. Growth starts with insight. Not just facts, but true insight. If you get that right, then the rest falls into place.

There will always be a need for insights, but how we find them has changed. The industry needs to do a better job by leveraging technology to find insights and develop strategies to not only optimise the current environment, but also to inspire shoppers and consumers at the believe, want, and need level.

Our Expert

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April 3, 2019 – 2PM to 7.30PM CT

  • Dan Raynak will be unveiling some new perspective on how companies can drive growth
  • James Mills, Global Vice President Category Leadership – Mars Wrigley Confectionery will share his experiences and key learnings and will comment on how to successfully leverage insights and virtual research technology to translate shopper expectations into impactful category recommendations.

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