Solidarity has vaulted ahead of self-expression as the defining reference point of individual identity. Long in coming, this reversal snapped solidly into place over the last few years as ‘post-trust’ took possession of the body politic of society and the marketplace.

Animating both politics and consumption, this shift from authenticity to allegiances is playing out as kinship over globalism, home fronts over frontiers, factions over affinities, syndicates over segments, and smaller worlds over bigger selves. Brands must navigate these new waters.

Adding to the challenge ahead, this sea change has rolled in as a paradox. Consumers want greater engagement, but only within a contained network of connections. Consumers are looking more to others, yet scanning only a narrow horizon of influences. Consumers are stretching and extending themselves, but only with a short reach.

In this webinar, Kantar Consulting’s Chief Knowledge Officer J. Walker Smith takes a look at where things stand and where things are headed. In particular, he offers strategic guidance, outlining and exploring the imperatives for success in a marketplace of smaller worlds where the first priority of consumers has flipped from authenticity to allegiances.

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