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How to find and harness real growth.

Kantar Talks took place on 11th September 2019 at the BFI Southbank in London. The one day event included 21 sessions across 5 stages where industry experts shared inspiration and practical advice around the issue on top of every brand’s agenda: how to find and harness real growth.

Below is a summary of the essential, thought leading content that was delivered.

Read more to understand how to:

  • find and unlock growth essential for any business,
  • win the grocery challenge,
  • understand what a plant-based future looks like.

Abundant Markets and Anticipative Organisations – How to Find and Unlock Real Growth
The Institute for Real Growth launched in 2019, with a massive body of research around what makes businesses achieve real growth – that is, sustained top line revenue growth. In this session, Nina Rahmatallah and Mark Visser presented the findings and discussed the seven building blocks for growth, focusing on two of the biggest drivers – ‘Abundant Markets’ and ‘Anticipative Organisations’.
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Winning the Grocery Growth Challenge
As producers, retailers, grocers, shoppers and consumers face a constantly changing world, what’s going to be the biggest transformation in UK supermarkets? Ray Gaul, Anish Mashru and Matt Botham present three ‘stories’ about the future of grocery. Store design, category reinvigoration and communication will be talking points. All give you opportunities to be front of mind before purchase, have a point of differentiation, and deliver against multiple consumer needs.
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A Plant-Based Future?
There are a lot of myths flying around about plant-based eating – that it’s just a ‘vegan fad’. In this session, Richard Allen and Charlie Warwick used Kantar data to show what’s happening with plant-based eating… and proved that this isn’t a trend that any brand should be dismissing.
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