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February 17, 2020

Editor’s note: After nearly five years, various names, hundreds of editions, and thousands of kind notes and sharp contributions from our 10k+ readerbase, yours truly is moving on from Kantar. With that, today is the last edition of the Monday Edge.

This weekly download on all things marketing, brand, consumers and more has been an interesting, challenging and immensely fulfilling adventure both personally and professionally; my days (especially my Sundays!) will indeed be lonelier without this dossier of thought-provoking changes, trends, and movers-and-shakers pushing me to bring the best and boldest headlines to our team and our clients each week. A big thanks to Bryan Gildenberg (out this week) for his provocative POVs and enduring partnership.

Thanks as always for reading (we’ve included some extra pieces to last you the winter!), and don’t forget that you can always access this week’s and prior editions on the Growth Hub. \ 

From Deepak’s neuroscience desk, a reminder that sensory perception is not superficial brain work – it’s actually quite complex and taxing. And, some tips if you’re looking to make your brand more (realistically) human.

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