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February 3, 2020

Welcome back to your weekly update on the changes, trends, and movers-and-shakers making headlines across marketing, brand, consumers and more!

With a new month comes new recommended reading! The Future Is Faster Than You Think, the latest from Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler, takes a look at how converging technologies are transforming business, industries, and our lives

From Deepak’s neuroscience desk, seven neuromarketing strategies that every marketer should know by now.

Below are a few thought-provoking articles to kick-start your week. Thanks as always for reading, sharing and sending your contributions.

Brand & Marketing

Retail, Sales and Shopper

  • When consumers order online, they want what they want — and fast. Industry leaders recently discussed their current eCommerce strategies at Wharton’s Baker Retailing Center CEO Summit.
    • Consulting POV – Interesting article.  Marc Lore’s obsession with delivery speed is interesting and it’s unclear whether or not that’s the big win for Walmart in eCommerce given some of their other advantages.  And, as always a caution: 70% of Millennials are NOT going to be buying all of their groceries online in 2023 – that data point cited is wrong and silly.
  • Pinterest has launched Try On, a new AR tool in which users can virtually ‘try on’ different shades of lipstick within their mobile app.
    • Consulting POV – Great idea that continues the trend of beauty driving a lot of the “CPG/Retail” tech agenda.  Pinterest remains an underleveraged shopper marketing asset.
  • Selling products directly to consumers gives companies critical insight about their customers, as well as the freedom to innovate; CFOs at a recent MIT Summit revealed tips for mastering the “art form” that is DTC. Related, Venture Beat warns us to expect a DTC shakeup in the year ahead.
    • Consulting POV – Anything that talks about DTC as a tool rather than a business or religion is on the right track.  Yes, companies need to know more about their consumers, but suggesting Peloton is uniquely qualified to understand its deliveries were terrible because it’s a DTC company is, well, silly. Anyone can ask for and receive feedback on specific steps in your value chain. 
  • eMarketer digs into whether Amazon or Walmart is winning online grocery. But perhaps, per this piece on “Amazon’s secret weapon” and Amazon’s stellar earnings report last week, grocery isn’t the place where this battle should be fought.
    • Consulting POV – Asking who is winning online grocery right now is like asking who’s winning the 24 Hour at Le Mans race 40 minutes after it starts. I’m sure someone’s winning, but not sure it matters. Amazon’s earnings were interesting for a variety of reasons – 150MM global prime members (with a lot of growth outside the US) and an advertising business that in revenue exceeded what Whole Foods sold in Q4 Amazon’s footprint will continue evolve into a “post-retail” economic and operating platform. 
  • Fitch offers some quick thoughts on new challenges retailers will face in this new decade.
    • Consulting POV – “Cult Collective” is a really good catchphrase in this deck. A good way to understand how to use niches to drive scale as democratizing and amplifying these cult collectives into mass movements is the winning skill of the 2020s. 
  • Discovery is instrumental to bigger baskets and impulse buys in online shopping, but many companies are missing the mark on doing this right.
    • Consulting POV – A really good article that explores the new world of “Basketon” – using technology to manage shopping baskets instead of categories and shelves to drive profitability.
  • Shopify, the billion dollar eCommerce company behind many popular online stores (including a number of DTCs) sees itself as “arming the rebels” more than competing directly with Amazon.
    • Consulting POV –
      Shopify is another example of the “post-retail” retail landscape – a platform that will be critical for CPG companies seeking to understand more fragmented competition and a more complex route to market. 

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