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November 18, 2019

From Deepak’s neuroscience desk, starting your day with these eight things will result in a more positive day. Also, don’t undermine the power of the endowment effect in influencing your preferences and decisions.

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  • Kantar’s annual PoweRanking is hot off the press. Leaders Walmart and PepsiCo have anticipated and managed the long-term retail climate with skill and foresight.
    • Consulting POV – Our theme of Retail Climate Change will continue to be explored at our annual Insight Forum on December 11th and 12th in Atlanta!
  • Walmart is embracing Apple’s Siri to extend its Walmart Voice Order capability, which also includes product recall for repeat orders.
  • Facebook Pay just launched as a new payment system for WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook which will allows for sending money to friends, shopping for goods, and more.
    • Consulting POV – An idea approximately 10,000 times easier to execute than their own cryptocurrency. This idea could empower Instagram commerce in an interesting and powerful way.
  • Amazon is planning to launch a new grocery store format, distinct from Whole Foods and not using Amazon Go’s cashierless tech, next year. Meanwhile, a look at some of the things keeping Jeff Bezos up at night.
    • Consulting POV – Amazon would benefit greatly from physical stores that carry more conventional grocery items than Whole Foods does. Media and third party management are clearly business problems for Amazon but the idea Bezos is not sleeping at night seems farfetched 😊. Our comprehensive overviews on Amazon are available here.
  • Despite Single’s Day gross merchandise value being 268.4 billion yuan (over $38.3b), Jack Ma wasn’t impressed; he attributed worse performance than expected to hot weather and the huge shopping event being on a weekday.
    • Consulting POVOur coverage details this “disappointing” result. Suffice it to ay say don’t share Jack’s pessimism. Singles Day on its own as one day of operation would be the 15th largest retailer in the USA, and the 34th largest in the world…they sold more on November 11th than Sainsbury’s did in 2018.
  • Wayfair has added new AR features to its mobile app to improve consumers’ shopping, planning, and searching experiences.
    • Consulting POV – Cool feature that replicates functionality IKEA has had for some time.
  • From Sainsbury’s debating the future of till-free shops to Alibaba reaffirming its commitment to smartphone-assisted retail, the future of in-store shopping is undeniably digital.
    • Consulting POV – True dat. For a more robust POV on this Dave Marcotte has a variety of presentations like this one on
  • Tik Tok is starting to explore social commerce.
    • Consulting POV – Platforms like this and YouTube are incredibly logical retail platforms, and in China the integration between content and commerce is naturally much closer due to the integrated nature of the Ali and WeChat (Tencent) platforms.
  • Mediapost reports that 60% of US consumers are already dissatisfied with their holiday shopping experience this year – with frustrations only likely to increase the more one shops.
    • Consulting POV – Unsurprisingly, the world’s largest supplier of shipping-related printing services (Pitney Bowes, who actually funded the research) discovers that pre-printed labels are the key to omni-channel happiness 😊.  As always, watch surveys that are trying to sell something – suggesting that dissatisfaction amongst shoppers who shop online daily is highest is a bit like saying a restaurant is so crowded nobody goes there anymore.



  • Not-to-miss consumer trends manifesting across the global marketplace. Each week, Kantar’s Cultural Streetscapes Microsite will power unique insights on value-driven consumer innovations emerging in a key trend area.
  • This week, our Global Streetscapes Network shares three global marketplace innovations around crystal healing.
    • Shine Bottle, a Polish lifestyle brand, has created bottles for water with natural crystals to enhance the water with positive energy. This reflects the new trend of using cosmic energy through stones or practice of yoga or meditation to release negative energy and support the cleansing of the mind and body.
    • OY-L’s Crystal Eye Serum blends two giants of the beauty world – serums and stone face rollers. This product harnesses the uniting and calming properties of amethyst crystals to apply a vegan serum made on the natural beauty powerhouses of Tremella, cucumber, and watermelon seed oil.
    • YERBATERÍA is a Colombian business focused on herbalism and natural magic, dedicated to extracting the medicinal and magical properties of plants and crystals to develop herbal products that can be used in everyday life to take, eat, anoint, burn or carry as an amulet. Colombian consumers are finding in ancestral practices answers that do not find in modernity, above all there is a tendency to rediscover the natural recipes used to cure diseases and improve connection with nature.