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October 21, 2019

Welcome back to your weekly update on the changes, trends, and movers-and-shakers making headlines across marketing, brand, consumers and more!

From Deepak’s neuroscience desk, marketers could benefit from adopting a synesthetic approach that engages multiple senses to tell a story and set the stage for an experience. And, a look at the importance of hemispheric balance, rooted in the reality that each half of our brain does different things, in advertising.

Below are a few thought-provoking articles to kick-start your week. Thanks as always for reading, sharing and sending your contributions.





  • Not-to-miss consumer trends manifesting across the global marketplace. Each week, Kantar’s Cultural Streetscapes Microsite will power unique insights on value-driven consumer innovations emerging in a key trend area.

  • This week, our Global Streetscapes Network shares three global marketplace solutions targeted to beer-drinkers that ALSO value fitness! These are just a few examples of Healthier Vices (see Global MONITOR Energies framework), where consumers are seeking creative ways to indulge in vices while minimizing guilt and risk to self and/or minding the health and comfort of those around them.

    • The German beer Joybräu is a brand that not only can be enjoyed guilt-free, but is also a supplement to a fitness training regime. This is a non-alcoholic beer that contains twenty-one grams of protein as well as essential amino acids to boost fat metabolism.
    • The US’ Earn Your Booze is a philosophy, the idea of which is to stay healthy and keep fit through exercise, and through this exercise earn the privilege of drinking. The social element of EYB’s events and platform is very strong: working out as a ‘tribe’ and then enjoying some booze is a great way to meet new people.
    • Birell beers out of the Czech Republic has come out with a new line of Isotonic Beers for people who live an active lifestyle and seek refreshment during and after physical exertion. The non-alcoholic beer has fewer calories and isotonic properties, designed to hydrate the body while enjoying the taste of beer.