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Since the 1970’s, the U.S. MONITOR has helped marketers separate the signals from the noise, bringing to light a deeper understanding of consumers’ shifting attitudes and their future needs. By tracking changing trends in consumer values and the macro-drivers behind the changes, MONITOR has anticipated, for example, the impact of Digital Technology by foretelling the rise of the Kinship Economy (2011), leading to the consumer demand for “Getting Human” (2013), and to the business imperative to move from mass markets to smaller worlds by “Finding Growth in Uncomfortable Places” (2018). This year’s 2020 U.S. MONITOR chronicles the leading signals to follow in the next decade. And, to further drive it home, we’re introducing a new way of visualizing American consumers – with a perspective that transcends geographic proximity to look at people with shared (or divergent) attitudinal motivations using MotiveMix, our portfolio of attitudinal dimensions built from the U.S. MONITOR. Take a look at the video to see how we can help you see America differently.