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Innovation at the Forefront of Pack Design

For packaging design teams, innovation is key to creating the perfect experience for shoppers at the point of purchase.  Over the last decade, Packaging News has been celebrating achievements in pack design, and recognizing the best in pack design innovation during the annual UK Pack Awards event in London.

Growing interest in pack design innovation will bring us to this year’s event, on November 7, 2019.  As event participants, we’ll present the award for Label of the Year.   We’ll also showcase our findings from a VR pack test we conducted with the help of a few of this year’s entries.

Read below to understand one of the ways we use virtual technology to help brand and category managers develop winning innovation in-store and online.  And stay tuned to learn more about pack award winners!

Stay Ahead of the First Moment of Truth with VR

Shoppers bring an enthusiasm for being involved in their own purchase decisions.  From custom sneakers to cars, they play an active role in what they buy.  Pack Create harnesses this enthusiasm.  Through virtual technology and online exercises, consumers select pre-designed stimuli such as shape, lids, labels and pack claims.  The result is a pack design that reflects what shoppers want to see, and ultimately what they want to purchase.

Brand owners gain an edge by reflecting consumer attitudes in their new packs, either in-store or within an eCommerce site.  By incorporating consumer feedback in consumers’ own words, early on in the design journey, brands effectively stay ahead of that first moment of truth. Winning pack designs are made easy with data gathered on a pack’s stopping, holding and purchase power at shelf with greater accuracy, in less time than ever before. See how it works below.

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