How to Drive Revenue Growth and Increase Return on Investment

Consumer Goods (CG) manufacturers face pressing trade investment requests from their retail partners to drive an increase of both revenues and margins. They must balance these requests with their own requirements to deliver growth and higher return of investments.

The Perfect Plan and Promotion Solution from Kantar Consulting offers you the most advanced capabilities to manage a closed loop Business Planning and Trade Promotion Management process. Thanks to its transactional and analytical capabilities, embedded insights and process best practices, the solution enables integrated management that helps you deliver improved commercial decisions, optimised trade promotion plans, and greater return on spend.

Kantar Consulting named Best-In-Class for Analytics Visualization and TPO Ergonomics in the 2018 POI TPx Vendor Panorama

Download the latest POI TPx Vendor Panorama 2018

Kantar Consulting, a global player in sales processes automation for the CPG industry, received a positive assessment and two Best-In-Class distinctions in the latest TPx Vendor Panorama  2018 by the Promotion Optimization Institute.

Kantar Consulting is featured in the report as the future global vendor in TPx with deployments in over 50 countries and more than 20 years of experience enabling sales processes in the consumer goods industry. “Kantar Consulting will become a global leader in the next 3 years on the back of its quality and breadth of solutions and influence network. It has a superior product, both from a functionality and UX perspective. It will also enjoy high client retention due to the strong analytics in combination with a superior UX” predicts Dale Hagemeyer, Partner at Promotion Optimization Institute.

The company’s TPx solution gets the Best-In-Class distinction for Analytics Visualization, a critical capability for TPx because, as Dale Hagemeyer writes “A good graphic or image says it all”. Kantar Consulting is also named Best-in-Class for TPO Ergonomics, a capability to make TPO – usually a complex matter because of constraints and simulation – easy.

Elsewhere in the report, Kantar Consulting stands out among the competition for its industry expertise, strong product functionality, excellent vision, superior user experience and client references.

Click here to download the POI TPx Vendor Panorama 2018 original document.

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Leading Consumer Goods companies have been pushed into making unprecedented commitments about margin and profit delivery to their shareholders.

As top-line growth slows to a crawl, and margins are crushed rather than squeezed, the trade investment ‘tug of war’ between brand owners and retailers will get increasingly heated. There will never be enough trade investment available to exploit all potential opportunities, so it is critical for brand owners to equip their organizations to make the best choices about where and how to make the right investments.

During this joint Kantar Consulting, POI and Coca-Cola Hellenic presentation you will learn:

• Where revenue growth is in the market
• Critical steps to deploy a revenue growth management program and use trade promotion investments to capture growth
• How to effectively automate trade promotion investment management and make it a data and insights-driven process

See Coca-Cola Hellenic Case Study!

Learn how Coca-Cola Hellenic is succeeding in harmonizing its trade promotion processes across +25 countries and is leveraging systems and data to uncover growth and deliver the right return to shareholders.

If you are focused on capturing revenue growth and better returns on the monies you invest with your trade partners, then this session is for you!

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