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PoweRanking leaders harness the climatic winds of change for growth in retail today… and tomorrow.

Climate change — it’s an undeniable dynamic that has dominated headlines and ultimately influences every aspect of our lives and our world around us. As Kantar’s PoweRanking enters its 23rd year, we see a similar dynamism mirrored in today’s US retail landscape, a concept we call “Retail Climate Change.”

In PoweRanking 2019, we see the lasting effects of leaders (both manufacturers and retailers) who moved beyond the daily weather reports in retail. Removing these distractions empowered them to rapidly recognize and respond to the bigger climatic shifts impacting US retailers and shoppers. They witnessed the origins of this change five to ten years ago and began to prepare for the coming age of omnicommerce (or digital+ commerce) we are living today. They foresaw and capitalized upon the balance of power that tilted toward the shopper as mobile technology and on-demand convenience reshaped shoppers’ expectations. Best-in-class leaders have leveraged the new reality of shoppers managing money, time, and energy to continually build better, deeper relationships with their customers and keep them in the “ecosystem” that they create to ensure shopper loyalty.


Snapshot of the 2019 Rankings

The PoweRanking leaders for 2019 — Walmart and PepsiCo — are two companies who have anticipated and managed the long-term retail top retailers and CPGsclimate with skill and foresight.

Walmart has achieved the #1 retail position for 23 years in a row, with a #1 ranking in seven of the nine  metrics. PepsiCo not only achieved the overall #1 manufacturer position for four consecutive years, but also achieved the #1 position on all nine metrics for a second year in a row in 2019.

In summary, 2019 was another great year for PoweRanking leaders to shine. Retail remains an exciting, growing, ever-changing part of our landscape, not only in the US, but globally as well. As we take this moment to mark a point-in-time weather assessment for “Who is leading in 2019,we will close by quickly shifting our focus to 2020 and Retail 2025. Leaders are already making plans to win now with an eye to the ever-changing climatic shifts that will be Retail 2025. Attend the Retail Insights Conference, Dec 11-12 in Atlanta, to learn how your organization can drive growth in a new era of retail.

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