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Will there be puppies this year?

We are excited to invite you to join us live during Amazon Prime Week.

Prime Day is a key destination for shoppers and especially Prime Members while brands now use Prime Day as a strategic component of their promotional planning calendar.

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Looking back to 2018

In 2018, Prime Day shifted from its original role as a recruitment tactic for Amazon’s loyalty program to becoming a way for Amazon to further embed itself into its members’ routines across different vehicles.

As we wrapped up last year’s 36-hour event, the following themes were underpinning the broader story. Well, that is once the servers were back and running…!

More experiential countdown

Moving away from the online-only Prime Day countdown on Amazon’s site in 2017, Amazon got physical: Leading up to July 16, the retailer hosted “Unboxing Prime Day” events in New York City, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, and Milan.

Greater manufacturer alignment

While coveted ad placements on Amazon’s homepage were limited, brand names appeared in more messaging across Amazon’s website, asserting Amazon’s reach as a marketing platform. In addition, many manufacturers supported Prime Day’s underlying objective by offering exclusive products and driving adoption of Prime’s various benefits, in addition to discounts and Subscribe & Save appeals across their product portfolios.

Grocery played a bigger (but unique) role

During the first Prime Day after Amazon acquired Whole Foods, it was no surprise that grocery was more prominent. Throughout Prime Day, Amazon focused on creating incentives for current and future use of its online grocery platforms, especially Prime Now, while highlighting new Prime-exclusive discounts now at Whole Foods stores.

Prime Day deals for consumables categories were on an extended timeline both online and offline, given the nature of the trip. Understandably, grocery shopping during a one-day savings event is not desirable, which is likely why Amazon made Prime Day savings available for an entire week while featuring peak general merchandise deals (like electronics and home) on Amazon July 16-17.

Focus on the smart home

While Amazon’s device portfolio was certainly prominent this year, there was a noticeable push to outfit the smart home with Alexa and other Amazon-owned technology (like Ring) and to use Amazon Home Services to do so. Amazon’s devices were bundled with other smart home products and cross-merchandised in atypical categories, illustrating their many use cases.

Prime Day 2018 was less about deals and more about driving Amazon ecosystem engagement and cultivating long-term loyalty.

Coming up soon, our predictions for what to expect on Prime Day 2019! In the meantime jump to this page to view our coverage from Prime Day 2018.

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