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Who knew that Smart-home Seekers are much more than just tech geeks who nerd out about rigging their homes with the latest automation systems? Kantar did, and, using MotiveMix®, has uncovered deeper human insights into why these valuable higher-income homeowners seek to better monitor their homes through their mobile devices.  Do Smart-home Seekers just want to own the coolest house on the block? Or are there other motivations underlying their desire for greater control over their homes?

Using MotiveMix® to understand Smart Home Seekers

MotiveMix is Kantar’s portfolio of attitudinal dimensions that get to the core of human yearning and motivation.  By profiling Smart-home Seekers through MotiveMix in our U.S. MONITOR study, we uncovered that they put their family first when they make decisions, rely on seamless technology solutions to streamline their lives, and want to appear stylish and in-the-know.

So, yes, perhaps Smart-home Seekers do want to impress the neighbors a little bit … but keeping their families secure and finding ways to simplify their lives through technology are also core drivers for this unique group of consumers. Understanding these values will allow you to enhance your offers and messages to align with what really matters to Smart-home Seekers. But how do you know where to find and target these individuals in the marketplace?

Using MotiveMix to find Smart Home Seekers

MotiveMix enables us to pinpoint where these consumers are who want smart home features. It is scored on a national consumer database of 260MM adults, so we can locate those micro-targets geographically. This enables brands to find and truly connect with these consumers on a human level, both online and offline, and to deliver more relevant and appealing messages, advertising and products. Whether it’s Smart-home Seekers, Status Seekers or another micro-target that’s unique to your brand, let us help you leverage MotiveMix to uncover their core motivations and effectively connect with them in the market.

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