June 26, 2018
By: Ray Gaul

Retailing in the Week Ahead, Week 26, 2018

Is there a change in the air when it comes to category leadership?

In the past, when I would go country-to-country, clients would complain when I would show examples from outside of their region or country.  The might say, “our country is different.”  Alternatively, they would say, “that’s interesting but it will not play out in the same way here.”

Recently, that story has changed.  When I show examples of in-store best practices I get the question, “That’s a great example but is that brand doing all the right things in highly developed eCommerce markets?”

The implication is that to be a “best practice” category leader in 2018 you need to be doing three things right:

  1. In-store category leadership
  2. Digital category leadership
  3. Leadership in countries where eCommerce is highly developed

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