Connecting with Consumers in the Encroaching Era of Stagnation

What’s going on in America these days? In the U.K.? For that matter, in the world? And does any of it matter for marketing and business strategy? Headlines proclaim a populist revolt, or a renewed culture war, or a rejection of globalization, or a partisan political showdown, or a new generation gap. It is all those things. Yet it is more, indeed, something much more fundamental. It is not the fear of change stirring things up. Rather, it is the fear of no change—the fear that even as change upends the marketplace, no change is in store for consumers. The dynamic at work in the consumer marketplace—across all income levels, political ideologies, cultural values and social classes—is the fear of stagnation, not upheaval. In this biannual FutureView webinar, J. Walker Smith spotlights what’s really going on in the marketplace and the critical new imperatives that the fear of no change brings to brands and business planning.

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