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A Look at Retailer, Shopper and Solutions

David Marcotte took the stage at the POI Canadian Summit in Toronto to share how an actual store of the future would use technology and solutions. He summarizes how retailer, shopper and employee will connect for a smarter, more seamless shopping experience.

Based on new research from Kantar, in partnership with the Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council, Marcotte gives real examples of the future of grocery retailing.  Below are a some of his top-level findings.

  • Digitally-Enabled Shopper
    • The current definitions of ‘smart’ have to be expanded to a full integration beyond data and information to also include intentions and needs of the shopper.  The ‘smart’ home emerges as a full and practical partner along with the store. The ability to manage this integration comes with responsibility to the security of data, the overall health of the shopper along with an acceptance of the full transparency.  Expect shoppers to review product, retail reputation and actions. The home emerges as an intelligent partner for taking care of occupants, a change made more forcibly by the aging of a population.
  • Automation and Employee Relationship
    • Complex automation has been improving the efficiencies of the industry, especially for supply chain for decades.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an improvement of that process adding new layers of insights and error detection. Separately neither creates a profitable environment with the full integration of the employee as the flexible and knowledge extension of these services. AI’s potential comes alive and real with the employee interacting with the shopper not as a standalone solution.
  • Investments that Drive Profitability

    • Competition and shopper expectations are going to drive new investments. Profitable investments will enable technology in data analysis, AI integration or the overall optimization of store processes.  Expect to see intelligent shelving, tracking of real time inventory and management of product sales through a range of fulfillment options.  This will require training a different type of store management and service.  Training should consider the whole technological ecosystem in order to leverage the information for new opportunities.  Successful people training will result in new shoppers and bigger baskets.

Download your free copy of Dave Marcotte’s “Canadian Retailer, Shopper and Solutions in 2030” below and continue the conversation with him at the Canadian Retail & eCommerce Conference, September 18-19 in Toronto.

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