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A new era of growth in cross-border technology

We are stepping into an era where ideological and cultural borders play a more important role in an increasingly borderless world. According to PwC’s 2018 Global Investor Survey, 97% of CEOs worldwide agree that globalisation has helped the most in improving the ease of moving capital, people, goods and information. 85% also agree that the world is moving towards multiple beliefs and value systems, rather than a common one.

Understanding the consumer and the cultural differences of your target market is key to tailoring your business strategy and getting a head start on sustainable growth.

Taking the lead in cross-border thought leadership, Facebook has partnered with the Consulting Experts of Kantar on this whitepaper to help Chinese businesses bridge to the future of tech growth. Three high priority markets covering different stages of tech adoption and sophistication have been identified – India, Indonesia and the UK.

Download the free playbook that arms you with the human-centric insights shaping the future of technology, but also to outline the four growth paths, with actionable strategies tailored for each country, backed with data and inspiring success stories worldwide.