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Winning with the Modern Fan

Understanding sports fans used to be simple. But as competition intensifies, the media landscape transforms, and a new generation of fans emerges, marketers are challenged as never before to create brand experiences that resonate with an increasingly complex audience.

Ryan McConnell, Senior Vice President, and Steve Kulp, Director, preview Sports MONITOR, a new syndicated insights service for brands seeking a deeper, human connection with modern fans. Mixing thought-leadership, primary data, and on-the-ground observations, this webcast will explore the following three critical issues shaping the future of sports and sports marketing:

  • The Key to Gen Z:  Go beyond tech-enabled bells and whistles and learn ways to create a lifelong bond with Gen Z fans through their core values and expectations.
  • The Inclusion Imperative:  Learn why now is the time to embrace inclusive approaches that make traditionally marginalized groups of fans feel welcome, appreciated, and included.
  • Enhancing the Experience:  Discover how savvy leagues and teams across the sports world are combatting flat or declining attendance through innovations in the fan experience.

The session concludes with a look at some of the content and data that will be available when Sports MONITOR officially launches in April 2020.

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